We regretfully announce that Mapdiva has ceased trading. Thank-you to all of our customers for their support and business in the past.

Unfortunately a series of overwhelming external forces and lack of resources has forced this decision, among which was withdrawal of support for our chosen licensing scheme by Devmate. One effect of this is that existing licenses will become deactivated over time. All subscriptions will end when the current period expires, and no further charges will be made -- customers do not need to cancel their subscriptions manually.

As a courtesy, a fully unlocked, free and unlimited version of Ortelius (and Artboard) can be downloaded below to allow you to continue to finish projects. There is no longer any support available however. Note that this is a fully notarized app -- something we were unable to release previously due ironically to problems with the licensing framework. With that removed, the notarization could proceed successfully. This version also supports Big Sur and M1 Macs natively.

Ortelius 2.4 Free Unlimited version

Artboard 2.4 Free Unlimited version

Last update: June 9th, 2021.