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Painting from Ortelius

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  1. exitmanifesto

    I am a visual artist who is very interested in maps and Ortelius seems ideal for my purposes. Before I buy it though I was wondering if there are any restrictions (assuming of course that the shape files I import are public domain or copyright free) on using the maps I create in Ortelius as the basis for paintings that I would sell.

    Are the tools and clip art used to alter and create maps restricted at all?

    Thank you so much, this looks like a great program.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. mapdiva
    Key Master

    Hi! The maps you make with Ortelius are yours to use and distribute as you wish (commercially or otherwise). The styles and map symbols included with Ortelius are provided royalty-free with your purchase. You can incorporate them into your own works without worry. You are restricted, however, from repackaging and/or redistributing the styles and symbols and/or clip art items in the Mapdiva collection as clip art / collections themselves.

    Give Ortelius a try with the free trial before your purchase. Keep in mind its use with shapefiles is fairly limited (no georegistration and projections). Many shapefiles are public domain, others are not (here is a site with PD GIS files ). Ortelius work well when you only need one or two layers from shapefile. More than that and you might find a GIS works better for your needs.

    Posted 2 years ago #

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