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Copy/Paste from Clipped area

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  1. dspencer

    If I copy an object on a layer that is outside the clipped map area, and it is clipped on the top or on the right, when pasting into another layer, or to another map, the objects X and Y coordinates are adjusted by the amount of distance they are clipped by. It makes it frustrating to draw something on one layer, and then when pasting it to another layer, then having to adjust everything that had been clipped.

    This does not happen if the object is clipped on the bottom or on the left.

    It happens with
    * Irregular Polygons
    * Wedge
    * Paths
    * Tracks
    * Text on Path

    It does not happen with:
    * Rectangle
    * Oval
    * Round Rectangle
    * Round Edge Rectangle
    * Regular Polygon
    * Arc
    * Text Box

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. gcox

    Hi, thanks for the detailed information. I'll check it out and make sure we take this into account.

    Posted 2 years ago #

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